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Help Support PhotoAbility

businessPhotoAbility appreciates the support of those who know and understand that the work we do is changing the tide of how people with disabilities are viewed and included in societies, all around the world.

We have endeavored to not only produce, create and give direction to inclusive imagery, but have made it our mission to get these images out of our library and into magazines, advertising, publishing and websites.

However, this work is not accomplished without time, investment, and stick-to-it-ness! Showing people the value of using inclusive images is not an easy road, but more like pushing a wheelchair through the sand!

We are working as hard as we can to build a library with quality images, while promoting this resource within the worlds of travel, advertising, and publishing via our marketing and PR efforts.

Changing mindsets and asking for inclusion is not an easy task, nor a quickly achieved one as we are finding out.

So we thought we would provide an opportunity for anyone who believes in what we are doing, and wants to help us keep going…and become successful…to contribute to our efforts.

We are not a charity and do not believe our images or work should be viewed as such…we are simply a start up business who could use a helping hand that is often given on crowd funding sites like kickstarter.com.

So if you want to say “Good Job” or "Hi Five”, via a donation to our company…which also happens to be a disabled and female owned company, I am sure the good Karma Gods will thank you, as will we. (Your name will be listed as a supporter on this page unless provided anonymously)

You can also support us by becoming a customer and using our photos in your next project, joining our team as a model or a photographer, encouraging businesses you know to use our site as a resource for imagery, and by sharing and promoting our page within your networks.

Deborah Davis and Bill Forrester


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Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers

beach , snow , ski , outdoor , romance , fishing , sailing , woman , mother , professional , wheelchair , power wheelchair , outdoor , man , wheelchair power , mom , mum , children , trail , action , water , ocean , cafe , dining , city , cityscape , boat , canoe , kayak , country , garden , park , park national , cooking , cruise , diving , hiking , evening , sunset , graduation , education , school , travel , accessible travel , accessible tourism , inclusive tourism , horse , pet , dog , service animal , family , lifestyle , wedding , mother and children , mountain , mountain bike , mountain trail , play.playful , playing , business , racing , race chair , reception , prom , street , streets cape , studio , portrait , tropical

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