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The feedback on PhotoAbility is rolling in

There is an underlying feeling of subconscious exclusion toward people with disabilities which is pervasive in our society. My feeling is the subconscious exclusion is, in part, due to outdated images of people with disabilities. Photoability is creating a shift from subconscious exclusion to conscious inclusion with updated images of people with disabilities that are reflecting the truth about disability, that it's only another life experience. And experiences in our lives always expand our possibilities. PhotoAbility is expanding every ones possibilities!

Candace Cable

Competitive Athlete/Gold winning ParaOlympian · Jan 1979 to May 2006

"I'm so proud to be affiliated with PhotoAbility as a model, and I want its mission to both thrive and succeed. It's so very important in our ever-changing world to be a motivated agent of change. Although there are still many struggles, it's people like Deborah Davis who make this a golden age for living with a disability. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world will begin to take notice & see the value in PhotoAbility, too!"

Sarah Mueller

"People with disabilities are productive,active members of society who travel, embrace life and love adventure. I am ecstatic to finally to see a company accurately depict this dynamic spirit that is inside each one of us. I hope that PhotoAbility is a renowned success and these photos will become the norm in mainstream advertising and media."

Wendy Crawford, Founder of www.mobileWOMEN.org, an online magazine for women in wheelchairs.


"We would love to support you. I think what you guys are doing is fantastic. We have a number of images you would love to use"

Angel Sinclair Models of Diversity


"This is a fantastic idea. A sector of the population that is becoming increasingly more important to market to and is often overlooked. Having this type of imagery opens the door to new marketing opportunities for marketers and ultimately, new sources of revenue."

Edwin Benoît / Principal


"As a photographer with a disability, and as a marketing/PR person who is constantly needing photography, I know all to well how rare it is to find quality photos related to disabilities. A site that specializes will be a valuable resource."

Loren Worthington



I must say for what PhotoAbility has done and is heading is quite an inspiration for those individuals that have disabilities. It has all ways been the intention in good-faith when someone was asked that has a disability to be interviewed or even photographed for "someone's" gain/project; e.g. reporters, columnist, companies, etc and in most cases the individual would not get paid and would be made to feel if it was a "favor" that was being done, by getting that individuals story/pictures/etc. Here at PhotoAbility an individual is presented with an opportunity to not only have fun and make a few dollars but to be involved in a project that can promote; life style, (or lack of) vigor for the zest of living life and not just merely being alive. In comparison with other similar website, they pale in comparison in were PhotoAbility is heading and evolving. This is not a website that is promoting disabled individuals that would be auditioning for a horror movie or even your "stereotypical" clinical setting, Kudos to PhotoAbility for being part of the "New-Breath" of the disabled community.

Remember, "Networking only works, if the Net-Works...."

Daniel Ruiz, President
Association for Disabled Americans




I don’t think that people truly realize the impact that pictures and media have on our lives; how they form our values and perceptions of the people and the world around us. I work in the field of public health and participate in many activities and groups that work to better the lives of people with disabilities; the students and professionals I work with have grand ideas to research, discuss, and make strides in improving the general health and wellness of those with disabilities. Unfortunately these good deeds are often negated by the conflicting stock images posted on websites and media campaigns, frequently by state and federal agencies. These photos portray stereotypical images of what the world chooses to see when they look at someone with a disability; they positively reinforce and continue the stigma. A picture is worth a thousand words and when an able-bodied model is placed in a bulky wheelchair for a media campaign, it portrays the person as weak and feeble-a bystander of life. I think that PhotoAbility is the answer to breaking through the stigma and perceptions that the general public has towards persons with disabilities. We are people who live life to the fullest; we are parents, wives, husbands, employees, friends, among other titles; disability doesn’t define us and media needs to start viewing us through a different lens, one of strength and ability.

Erin Gildner


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